We believe in providing a transparent service; working in collaboration with the team around the child to set goals which are meaningful and have a real impact on quality of life for the child, both at home with family and at school with the class team.

We understand that it can be overwhelming identifying your child’s needs and knowing in which direction to go in order to help them to reach their full potential.  By providing specialist assessment, we can help you to choose the correct path for the child to best support their Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

We ensure that we set regular short term targets in collaboration with the team around the child to enable us to reach our shared long term goal for the child.

We recognise that those who are in daily contact with the child need to feel empowered to support the child’s SLCN in the best way they can. This is done through joint sessions with parents, carers, teachers, teaching assistants to name a few alongside training. Everyone working with the child has their own area of expertise to bring to the table and it is imperative that this is shared and utilised to ensure best outcomes.