Each therapist has vast amounts of training in their specialist fields and have a passion to implement this knowledge into their working practices and training sessions. Training both received and delivered includes:

·      SCERTS- Research based educational approach and multidisciplinary framework that directly addressed the core challenges for those with ASD and their families.

·       PECS- Picture exchange communication aid for children with ASD and other conditions.

·       TEACCH- Supporting those with ASD and other conditions using visual strategies and structure.

·       Pyramid- “Creating effective teaching environments”

·       Pyramid –“Supporting individuals with Asperger’s”

·       Intensive interaction- An approach to teaching the pre speech fundamentals of communication

·      Attention Autism- Teaching communication and new skills through engaging, practical and fun activities.

·       SPELL- Framework used to understand the underlying needs of those with ASD and related conditions.

·      Elkan – Helping people working with those with SLCN to support their communication in the classroom.

·       ICAN- A range of researched approaches to supporting SLCN.

·       Caroline Bowen- Researched framework to support speech production skills.

·       Michael Palin PCI- Caregiver programme to facilitate smooth speech in those who are stammering.

·       ABA- Framework to identify communication breakdown and how best to support it.

·       Makaton- Supporting verbal language with sign.

·       PCI (Parent Child Interaction) – Play based approach to enhance speech language and communication skills.

·       Colourful Semantics- Colour coded system to support and structure SLCN.

·       DIR Floortime- Child lead approach to play and interaction.